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Lecta presents latest range of specialty papers


The new sample book is made up of three folders that correspond to the brand’s three application segments.

Lecta is exhibiting its newest products and innovations within its extensive range of specialty papers for labels and flexible packaging. Metalvac, Lecta’s high-vacuum 100% recyclable metalized paper, are being presented at Labelexpo Europe in the form of a new catalog.

The sample book is made up of three folders that correspond to the brand’s three application segments: wet-glue labels, pressure sensitive labels and tobacco and packaging. Each multilingual folder (ES/EN/IT/FR) contains technical specifications and product samples in different colors and finishes.

Metalvac A HG is the newest addition to the range of Metalvac metalized papers. This facestock, with an excellent gloss finish, has been designed for producing self-adhesive labels for the beverage industry. It is suitable for printing in offset and UV offset, flexo (solvent, UV, water-based) and letterpress (solvent and UV).

The new Labels to Celebrate collection consists of 16 graphic design proposals of self-adhesive labels for the beverage industry. It highlights the different possibilities that the Adestor line offers the sector’s printers and manufacturers. The swatch book contains 27 labels that have been produced in a wide range of printing techniques such as silkscreen, stamping and embossing, designed for embellishing different containers: wine, cava, spirits, water and beer bottles.

Lecta is also presenting its new Adestor catalog with the full range of facestocks, adhesives and liners including printed samples of in-demand advances and technical information in five languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian and German).

Noteworthy additions to the range include:
  • Adestor Matte Inkjet and Adestor Gloss Inkjet: facestocks designed for water-based inkjet printing and suitable for all kinds of labels with matte and gloss finish.
  • Adestor Metal HG WS: superior high gloss facestock with moisture-resistant treatment for refrigerated bottles, ice-water immersion, as well as recoverable bottles.
  • HM300: permanent hot-melt adhesive for high-speed air-blow labeling available in combination with different paper and film facestocks.
Creaset Endless possibilities, Lecta’s extensive range of one-side coated paper, is on display at the trade fair for its two application segments, Labels and Packaging, highlighting its latest products:
  • Creaset GP and Creaset GP Adhesive: one-side coated grease-proof papers designed specifically for wet-glue and self-adhesive labels.
  • Creaset FP: flexible packaging applications for packets of soup or coffee or hot-chocolate sachets.
Lecta’s Termax thermal papers guarantee optimum bar code definition for direct thermal print applications. The “Label” range for self-adhesives consists of high-sensitivity unprotected thermal papers widely used in the food, logistics and distribution sectors and in industry in general.

Eurokote is Lecta’s line of cast-coated high gloss papers. Their high whiteness, smoothness and high image definition make Eurokote papers the ideal solution for all sorts of labels: cosmetics, perfume, food and beverage–notably wine, cava, spirits and water.