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Martin Automatic shows new features on LRD transfer rewinder


The LRD is a two-spindle transfer rewind that winds, changes and automatically offloads rolls.

Martin Automatic is demonstrating its MBS automatic splicer and the LRD automatic transfer rewinder in Brussels. The LRD is fitted with optional features, some of which are being seen for the first time at a Labelexpo. The features further enhance an already versatile and popular functionality.

Known for its extreme reliability, the MBS splicer continues to offer converters robust return on investment for premium label, shrink sleeve, wrap around label, tube laminate, pouch and pharma packaging. The MBS standard features allow for other, more exotic materials as demands for newer and different webs drive the industry for greater variety of labeling solutions. The show machine will feature Martin’s laser assist tape alignment system for easy splice preparation.

The LRD is a two-spindle transfer rewind that winds, changes and automatically offloads rolls, without any need for carts or additional roll handling equipment. The unit at the Brussels show is loaded with features including: a web guide and slitter package for in-line slitting; a portability package for easy relocation between press lines; and an articulating arm to offload rolls through the front of the LRD if product rolls require special handling. The LRD rewinder accommodates 800mm diameter rolls in the standard model, with smaller and larger diameter models available.

“The MBS and LRD are our most popular machines and we are continually amazed at the demand to see these machines in action. Brussels is the perfect location to bring our European customers together for live demonstrations.  We will also have our 'splice closet' to show visitors not only the array of materials these two machines transport and splice every day, but also the diverse experience of Martin in handling vast extremes of materials in the industry," says Martin Automatic's Bernd Schopferer.

The Martin Automatic MBS and LRD machines at Labelexpo Europe have been sold to Desmedt Labels and will be delivered after the exhibition.  This is a repeat order for the Belgium-based label company.