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Toray expands line of waterless plates


IMPRIMA LA and IMPRIMA LB plates are optimized for increased durability and high-resolution imaging.

An expanded line of waterless printing plates and a new total solutions approach are Toray highlights at the Labelexpo.

Toray Graphics in the Czech Republic is unveiling its brand new IMPRIMA line of waterless offset printing plates along with new branding, and a line of chemistry and processors. The company also announces it is in the process of building a new research and development center in the Czech Republic, scheduled to open in 2018. The new R&D center will build on the work being done in Japan by Toray’s parent company, supporting its strategy to be a full-service partner to waterless offset printing operations.

“Labelexpo Europe is an important show for us,” said Mitsunori Hayashi, General Manager Sales Department, Graphics Division. “And 2017 offers an especially exciting opportunity for us to share a great deal of news with attendees. Visitors to our stand will find that they can count on Toray as a total solutions provider for their waterless offset needs, with new plates, chemistry and plate setters available from the same reliable source they have always counted on for plates over many years.”

New at the show, and now commercially available, are Toray’s IMPRIMA LA and IMPRIMA LB plates, optimized for increased durability and high-resolution imaging in the label and narrow web market. Toray also has its full line of waterless offset plates on display. Hayashi added “The IMPRIMA line of products reinforces our long tradition of offering sustainable solutions that minimize environmental impact while providing superior printing results.”

IMPRIMA LA plates are optimized for increased durability while IMPRIMA LB plates deliver exceptionally consistent and high quality prints. Both plates can be an important aid in brand protection and counterfeit prevention due to their resolution and reproduction characteristics.

In other signs of ongoing investment in its business, Toray is showing its line of automatic plate processors with low maintenance design that use up to 80% less chemicals that other plate processors. “This approach is in line with our sustainability initiatives,” Hayashi commented. “These plate processors feature a water wash and do not require chemicals such as high alkaline developers, acidic finishers and replenishing solutions. More environmentally sustainable pre- and post-treatment chemistry is also now provided directly from Toray, for a complete waterless platemaking solution. And with our new R&D Center opening next year in the Czech Republic, our customers can be assured that we will continue to bring more innovation to the waterless offset process.”