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Within the jetCURE product line Dr. Hönle AG is now offering infrared, hot air, UV and LED UV drying and curing systems specifically designed for inkjet printing. The jetCURE LED system is offered in two versions. Both versions of the jetCURE LED are LED UV curing systems with integrated air-cooling. The air is ducted via a filter on the top inside the cooling system. The two versions differ in the discharge of the exhaust air. The jetCURE LED T has a cooling air outlet on both sides of the housing, where the exhaust air is discharged toward the top. This version is perfect for the use in inkjet printing machines where the LED-UV curing unit is integrated into a housing and mounted on the print carriage or is stationary fixed on a R2R plant. The jetCURE LED S is a suitable choice for free mounting on the print carriage. This version offers a one-sided cooling air outlet, where the exhaust air is led sideways. This prevents direct airflow toward the printing heads, which could have an impact on the printing quality.