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Web Cleaner

Vetaphone has added a new web cleaner to its portfolio of products to facilitate single-source supply for all narrow web converters. The new unit, which can be single- or double-sided, is available in four standard web widths from 13.8” to 22.4” (350mm to 570mm) and has a maximum web-driven operational speed of 820 fpm (250 m/m). The intelligent design and use of high-quality elastomer cleaner rolls and perforated adhesive rolls ensure that all contamination is removed. The easy side-access to the unit facilitates quick removal of used sections of the roll sheets while the top opening gives access for web threading and cleaning of the elastomer rolls. Usefully, the adhesive roll has a quick-release device that allows a tool-free change, and the cartridges have a self-locking system to prevent any movement during operation.