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UPM Raflatac teams with Kao Collins and Colordyne


UPM is the primary material supplier for the digital inkjet label samples showcased in the Kao Collins' booth.

Kao Collins and Colordyne Technologies are working with UPM Raflatac, a global manufacturer of pressure sensitive label materials, to bring high-quality digital inkjet labels to Labelexpo Europe. UPM is the primary material supplier for the digital inkjet label samples showcased in the Kao Collins' booth.

Colordyne and Kao Collins have been working with UPM Raflatac to identify a wide range of materials that are compatible with their new aqueous pigment inkjet technology, as well as to expand the media and application range for the UV inkjet print engine. At the event, attendees can visit the Kao Collins' booth to receive a variety of label samples printed on UPM Raflatac material using Kao Collins' ink and inkjet print engines manufactured by Colordyne.

"Expanding the markets and applications we can serve is important for Colordyne and Kao Collins," says Taylor Buckthorpe, director of sales at Colordyne Technologies. "One of our goals for collaborating with UPM Raflatac is to test and approve materials that deliver superior performance with our aqueous pigment and UV inkjet technologies. Identifying materials that perform well with our digital inkjet technologies allows us to better serve our customers and expand the applications they can produce."

Included in the UPM Raflatac materials being showcased are Polyjet gloss white PP, Polyjet gloss white PET, Jetcolor and Jetlaser printed with aqueous pigment inkjet and Premium Gloss UVI, White BOPP, Clear BOPP and Metallized BOPP printed with UV inkjet. 

Designed for digital presses, including print-on-demand technologies and UV inkjet printing technologies, UPM Raflatac's products deliver consistency and reliable quality. UPM Raflatac's Printer Recommendation Tool can help converters determine which products will work on certain digital printers.

"Collaborating across the value chain with like-minded partners is one way in which we're labeling a smarter future," explains Kirit Naik, director, Global Digital Printing Technologies, UPM Raflatac. "We are pleased to partner with Colordyne and Kao Collins to showcase our innovative and high-quality print on demand aqueous pigment and UV inkjet labeling solutions. Visit us at our booths to learn how we can work together to unlock your brand's potential."