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Econo Products Inc.

July 18, 2005

Econo Products Inc.
Econo Laser Rubber Systems allow processing direct from
laser to press for high quality, cost-efficient laser
reproduction. Econo Laser Rubber Systems help improve
graphics and use laminated sheets in .067 and .107
thickness and coated sleeves for solvent, water-based and
UV ink systems for both YAG and CO2 lasers. It is costefficient
and provides higher line screens (133+), greater
color intensity, holds dot gain and eliminates drop-off, with
greater ink transfer for maximum coverage. All this at less
the cost than direct-to-plate systems.
PO Box 10458, 132 Humboldt St., Rochester NY 14610 USA
Tel 716-288-7550 • Fax 716-288-3117
Circle No. 66 on Response Card
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