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Flint Group is new name for Flint Ink and XSYS Print Solutions

January 10, 2006

“Flint Group” has been selected to be the new name for the holding company created by the merger in late 2005 of Europe based XSYS Print Solutions and American-owned Flint Ink Corporation.

“Flint Group is a strong new leader in all sectors of the worldwide printing, packaging, and colorants industries. It brings together long traditions of superior products, expert service and a commitment to meeting customer needs in all of the major markets of the world,” said Dave Frescoln, CEO of the new company.

Frescoln said that the name selection was based on the need for a structure and naming system that was logical, yet built on business brands that were familiar to the global printing marketplace.

Industry sources report that XSYS Print Solutions, once known as ANI Printing Inks and Akzo Nobel Inks, will use its current name for part of 2006.
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