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Graphic Solutions’ thin battery in new Lauder patch

April 18, 2006

Estée Lauder’s latest innovation is called the Perfectionist Power Correcting Patch for Deeper Lines and Wrinkles, and it contains a printed battery manufactured by Graphic Solutions International, a prominent converting company in Burr Ridge, IL, USA.

The patch is described by Lauder as “a targeted treatment that reduces the look of deeper lines and wrinkles faster than topical creams, creating a smoother, more lifted effect” in 20 minutes. The patch contains a conductive gel containing a proprietary formula. The corrective action is triggered by an ultra-thin battery that emits “a small micro-current of energy, helping a continuous release of Estée Lauder’s patented ‘Biological Water’ from the patch to the skin.”

Graphic Solutions recently developed its own RFID inlay system, working with Tyco Electronics, for the assembly of semiconductor chips, surface mount devices and printed batteries onto a continuous web of printed antennas. The company also manufactures labels, nameplates and polycarbonate tags.
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