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UVitec partners with Flexsolutions

April 25, 2006

UVitec Printing Ink Inc., a manufacturer of UV inks and UV coatings located in Lodi, NJ, USA, announces a partnership with Flexsolutions of Marlton, NJ, USA, a distributor of printing plates and other items for the narrow web printing industry. “Uvitec views this partnership as a key strategic positioning of our company to better serve our customers with a real strong emphasis on service,” says Andrew Dakos, president of UVitec. “UVitec customers have always been able to rely on us for more than just supplying them ink. Now, by working with Flexsolutions, we are able to give them even more service and support.”
Flexsolutions is a privately owned company headed by William Mulligan. He has more than 30 years of experience in all phases of printing from managing a large production facility to sales to working with printing inks and anilox rollers. Flexsolutions will primarily focus on introducing UVitec products to their customers and opening up new opportunities for both companies.
“With escalating prices of virtually all of the consumables used in the printing industry, customers are forced to look into new areas to both increase efficiency and bring costs down,” says Dakos. “We are very interested in passing our wealth of accumulated knowledge on to our customers to benefit them. Flexsolutions operates under the same premise, so we see this partnership as our response to the many changes that have affected our industry in the past year or two.”