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Security group gives Sekuworks its top certification

June 20, 2006

Sekuworks, a label manufacturer in Harrison, OH, USA, that specializes in complex printing and converting for anti-counterfeiting and package security, has been certified by the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO) as the first Class 1 “Certified Secure” product provider.

NASPO certification can be achieved only by implementing high-level security assurance standards and passing NASPO’s on-site security audit.  Firms doing business with NASPO certified companies are assured that the products and/or components received from them are authentic and properly protected from counterfeiting (duplication) or forgery (alteration).

As the loss due to counterfeits of branded products sold worldwide reaches $1 trillion, reducing fraud and assuring product and component authenticity are increasingly important to suppliers, producers and brand owners. “Sekuworks was conceived and built to attain a NASPO Class 1 Certification because we wanted to protect our customers from the growing threat of counterfeiting and forgery,” says Joe Schutte III, president of Sekuworks. “Our customers can be assured that their purchases from Sekuworks are authentic and include superior anti-counterfeit technologies to easily distinguish them from potential inferior knock-offs.  Our membership in NASPO and now our NASPO top Class 1 Certification is the highest authority and criteria in North America to validate for every customer that we have implemented the most effective security measures known today.”

NASPO certification provides brand owners with a set of risk management procedures to reduce their vulnerability to fraud by reducing risk and applying effective, best practice controls. It further enables brand owners to ensure that their materials, components and products are produced in secure facilities and operations, and are distributed through authorized and accountable methods.

Sekuworks is an innovator in the global security printing industry.  By melding skilled management with the strength of its exclusive patent-pending technology, the company is redefining the standard for providing cost-effective, anti-counterfeiting solutions, says Schutte.  The range of services provided by Sekuworks includes problem identification, label, document and product development, tracking analysis, secure print production, storage, fulfillment/distribution, project tracking, and enforcement.