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Gerhardt cuts magnetic cylinder price in half

June 23, 2006

Gerhardt USA has announced that it will be offering its magnetic cylinders at 50 percent of the standard price to all customers in the United States for a limited time. In addition, says CEO Bill Reichard, the company “will guarantee our flexible dies to be the lowest price on the market.”

“Many label makers have long considered making the switch from solid dies over to flexibles, but in the past the high cost of magnetic cylinders has deterred them,” Reichard says. "We are confident that we can offer the best dies with the shortest lead times, and now you can get them for the best price as well."

Gerhardt USA, headquartered in Dallastown, PA, is also offering an audit service to US customers. “We’ll look at what dies they buy, for what common ,repeats and suggest the best value magnetic cylinders to invest in,” says Dan Schaffer, USA sales director. Gerhardt USA estimates that, on average, the lower cost of flexible dies will pay for the magnetic cylinder by the third job a customer runs on it.

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