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Swedish converter making major equipment upgrade

July 18, 2006

Laritryck, a Swedish label and flexible packaging converter, is making a significant equipment upgrade with the purchase of Stork Prints’ Helios plate engraving system and a new Mark Andy XP 5000 press.

The company, located in Ödåkra, specializes in flexo printing, and its key markets are food and beverage. The Helios system also allows for creation of letterpress and dry offset plates as well as rotary screen.

According to Johan Ripa, Laritryck’s managing director, the company’s foray into flexible packaging began in order to meet the growing demand for shrink-wrapped packages. Lead times are notoriously tight and are often measured in a matter of days. Until now, the company has been buying plates which are produced by the Digital LAMS process, which requires many production steps, such as exposure, chemical washing and drying. The complexity of the process meant that if a problem occurred with a printing plate, it could be hours before a replacement was ready and printing could resume. Stork’s direct laser engraving system eliminates such problems, taking as little as 20 minutes to make the plate.

The installation is set to take place in the early autumn. The new Mark Andy XP 5000 eight color press has been specially designed to convert flexible package materials as well as labels.