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Yupo plans capacity increase for synthetic paper

September 26, 2006

Yupo Corporation America, of Chesapeake, VA, USA, has announced new capacity improvements to address demand for the company’s synthetic papers. The improvements, says the company, will result in production output of up to 20 percent.

“The increased output will allow Yupo to continue to ensure reliable supply and provide the best service and flexibility to its customers in the in-mold labeling, standard labeling, commercial printing and graphic design markets,” says Paul Mitcham, national marketing manager.

The company has focused its expansion efforts on production efficiency and R&D to serve its core commercial printing, packaging, and labeling markets. The expansion strategy includes capital investments in its facility in Chesapeake, along with recent additions to warehouse space and improvements to its ream packaging systems and secondary slitting operations. Yupo has expanded its product offerings as well, recently launching Accel, which features high gloss and up to 80 percent faster drying times; and a UV printable grade that requires no primer.