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York continues acquisitions with QAL division

December 12, 2006

York Label, headquartered in Omaha, NE, USA, has acquired the Asheville, NC, USA division of Quality Assured Label (QAL). This follows closely upon York’s purchase of LSK Label in California just over a month ago.

The Asheville division of QAL has an array of patented and innovative production capabilities, according to York CEO Rich Egan, and is a manufacturer of brand identity labels for the personal care and household goods markets. QAL’s main label headquarters is in Minnetonka, MN, USA.

“With the purchase of this particular Quality Assured Label facility, York continues to make great strides towards the goal of gaining geographic production coverage across the country,” says Egan. “This addition to the York family serves as a tremendous expansion opportunity, because not only do we anticipate increased value creation and remarkable organic growth, but we also foresee improved service to our customers. This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen existing customer relationships as well as to form new ones.”

York Label was formed by Wind Point Partners, a private equity investment firm, in partnership with Egan, in March 2006. It began with the acquisition of York Label in York, PA, USA, and Industrial Label Corporation of Omaha.