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Luminer, Stixon, Belmark and Consolidated win TLMI Singer awards

March 6, 2007

The prestigious Eugene Singer awards, presented by the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute each year for the best managed label companies, were presented in late February to Stixon Labels, Luminer Converting, Consolidated Label, and Belmark. The award recognizes excellence in business management measured and defined by an established set of growth and profitability ratios through the TLMI Management Ratio Study.

The Singer Award is given annually to four label converting companies, each within a certain sales range category. The 2006 TLMI Eugene Singer Award recipients are listed as follows:

Stixon Labels won for the third consecutive year in the small company category, defined by annual sales of less than $6 million. Stixon Label is located in Albuquerque, NM, USA.

Luminer Converting Group, of Lakewood, NJ, USA, won for the mid-range company category, defined by sales of $6 to $14.9 million. This is Luminer’s first Singer Award.

This marks the fifth consecutive year that Consolidated Label won a Singer Award. Consolidated, based in Longwood, FL, USA, won for the third time in the medium company category (sales of $15 to $35 million). Its first two awards were for the mid-range category.

The large company award (sales greater than $35 million) was taken home once again by Belmark, of DePere, WI, USA. This is Belmark’s ninth TLMI Eugene Singer Award.

The TLMI Management Ratio Study, which determines the award winners, was established in 1973 by Eugene Singer. The study examines numerous aspects of a business, and its calculations incorporate profitability, liquidity, growth, efficiency, and capital structure.

“As an industry association our central mission is to constantly deliver value back to our members, and the TLMI Management Ratio Study has proven to be a benchmarking vehicle that does just that,” says Frank Sablone, TLMI president. “Participation in the ratio study was higher this past year than it has ever been, and it’s an honor to be able to continue to provide this service to our converter members.”