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FINAT leadership spearheads major membership drive

April 24, 2007

FINAT, the European label association, is eager to boost its global membership by at least 100 in the two years up to its 50th anniversary. To that end the association has made a “splendid” start, says GIDUE’s Federico d’Annunzio, chairman of the Recruitment Committee.

The effort has begun at the top. Board members d’Annunzio, Jaume Puigbó (Sinel), Thomas Hagmaier (Hagmaier Etiketten), Keld Thorsen (Stralfors), and Bernhard Grob (Edale) have taken the lead in driving the association’s growth.

At the beginning of 2007, along with other existing members, they contacted some of their business friends in our industry and said, literally, “Come and join us.” The companies that they contacted readily signed up, bringing the association seven new members closer to its target within the first month of the campaign.

“Finding new members turned out to be simple, and people were really enthusiastic about joining FINAT,” says d’Annunzio. “The start of our campaign has been splendid. Our campaign is based on the principle of one-to-one communication, using existing members as our sales force. Our committee has developed the tools for members to convince their business friends in highlighting as guiding principles: visibility, networking, exclusive information, and personal and social growth. And fun, too!”

FINAT is asking its other 450 members to follow suit and secure another 93 new members before the 2008 target deadline. Members can either invite firms to join directly or send information to the organization’s officials.

FINAT members are being told in a letter announcing the drive: “Your efforts will be recognized and given the greatest visibility. Whether you’re at the Label Competition or at Labelexpo, you are in the FINAT spotlight!”