Nilpeter introduces 16" gravure cassette

Published May 15, 2007
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Nilpeter, a narrow web press manufacturer based in Slagelsle, Denmark, has introduced a 16” gravure cassette to the industry. In its 13" incarnation the cassette has been well received on the 13” MO-Line, and is now available on the 16” FA-4 press.

"With more than 50 installations worldwide, Nilpeter is the world’s leading supplier of combination gravure printing solutions," says Sales Director Jakob Landberg. "Now, thanks to the introduction of its first 16” cassette, it is taking gravure to the next level."

Nilpeter’s gravure cassettes, says Landberg, deliver a range of finishes not available with any other technology. "Customers can create their desired effects thanks to an impressive range of functions. For instance, they can opt for a single-ink finish or select an overprint, either through near-transparent offset or flexo. Gravure can also be used in combination with other printing methods such as UV flexo, UVscreen printing, and UVoffset printing. It can even be used in combination with cold or hot foil, enabling yet further embellishment."

The gravure cassette is compatible with conventional gravure cylinders and gravure sleeve technology, he adds. Click here for more information.

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