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Smyth Companies acquires printing arm of Stoffel Seals

August 3, 2007

Smyth Companies Inc., based in Minneapolis, MN, USA, has completed a purchase of the Printing Division of Stoffel Seals Corporation. The acquisition will give Smyth additional capabilities for package promotion printing as well as added customers.

The Stoffel purchase adds a new dimension to Smyth’s various capabilities with equipment to assemble hang tags for bottles and other packages, as well as shelf promotions like header cards. Smyth currently serves a wide variety of customers in the consumer goods industry, printing promotional labels to be applied to existing packaging as coupons, informational vehicles, game and sweepstakes pieces, and premiums. Smyth also has a machinery division that applies these labels to packaging.

“We really see this acquisition as an opportunity to provide more value and innovation to our existing customers, as well as those that will come to Smyth from Stoffel,” says Bill Hickey, president of Smyth Companies. “Our current customers will benefit from the added capability that comes from Stoffel, and those clients coming to Smyth from Stoffel will have a much wider array of labeling and printing options available to them from a single supplier.”

Stoffel Seal Corporation has manufacturing plants in Tallapoosa, GA, and Nyack, NY, USA. In addition to package printing, Stoffel produces badges and pins for law enforcement, general promotional items, security seals for packaging and truck trailers, and napkin bands for restaurants.  The company employs approximately 500 people.

Smyth Companies has headquarters and manufacturing operations in Minneapolis, as well as manufacturing plants in Austin, MN; Bedford, VA; and Golden, CO, USA. The company employs approximately 350 people at its four locations.