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AIMCAL launches Converting School

January 2, 2008

Converting School has been launched by AIMCAL to provide educational opportunities for members of the converting industry.

Converting School has been launched by the Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL), of Fort Mill, SC, USA, to provide educational opportunities for members of the converting industry.

Six courses on critical converting topics will be held in 2008: Coating Solution Process Technology, Extrusion Coating, Web Coating and Drying, Web Handling and Converting, Winding: Machines, Mechanics and Measurements, and Web Processing for Barrier. Multiple sessions of each course are scheduled and will take place at various locations in the United States, Europe and India. A total of 19 sessions will be offered. Classes begin in March 2008 in Jacksonville, FL, USA, and are scheduled monthly (except July) for the remainder of the year.

Course content combines theory with real-world problem solving and is tailored to the individual students present in each class. “The focus of these classes is productivity enhancement,” says Craig Sheppard, executive director of AIMCAL. “Students also will take home ideas for profit-boosting strategies related to process optimization and waste reduction, as well as higher, more consistent product quality and new product development,” he adds.

Potential students include engineers and other experienced converting professionals including lead operators, foremen, and maintenance, quality assurance, sales, and customer service personnel.
Courses are taught by leading technical experts including David Roisum of Finishing Technologies Inc., AIMCAL Technical Consultants Edward Cohen and Eldridge Mount III, Charles Bishop of C.A. Bishop Consulting, Dilwyn Jones of Emral, Ted Lightfoot of the Display Films and Coatings business of DuPont, Kenneth McCarthy of Multilayer Coating Technologies, and Jonathan Summers and Harvey Thompson of the University of Leeds, in England.

Full details, including course descriptions, instructors, places, and dates can be found on the new Converting School website –