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Technicote adds new adhesive coater

January 22, 2008

Technicote has added a new wide web adhesive and specialty coater at its Terre Haute plant.

Technicote Inc., an ISO 9001:2000 certified company headquartered in Miamisburg, OH, USA, announces the addition of a new wide web adhesive and specialty coater at its manufacturing plant in Terre Haute, IN, USA. The coater will go online in February.

The computer driven, high speed coater provides additional coating capacity for the company, and is capable of coating a wide range of paper and film facestocks with a broad array of acrylic and rubber base adhesives on a variety of paper and film release liners.

Additionally, Technicote has enhanced its service on all removable adhesives from its Cuyahoga Falls, OH specialty label facility. Beginning this month, its product slate of standard, ultra, temporary and specialty removable adhesives coated on stock raw materials will be available within three to five days from the order date.
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