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Edale renames its RFID press

February 27, 2008

Edale renames one of its machines to avoid misleading potential customers.

Edale, a British manufacturer of printing and converting equipment, says it has been forced to rename one of its machines to avoid misleading potential customers. The press previously marketed as the Edale Lambda RFID Entry now will be known as the Edale Lambda RFID One.

Product Manager Jeremy Westcott explains: “The original name reflected the competition the press was designed to compete with. In our minds, it also reflected its position within the Lambda product range. We have since discovered that our ‘entry level’ press can perform at speeds as much as four times faster than presses from other manufacturers, with far greater accuracy.”

The “new” Lambda RFID One is configured for insertion of self-adhesive RFID inlays, although it can also be used to convert dry inlays into self-adhesive as a first pass. It takes its place in Edale’s line-up alongside the Lambda RFID Two, which incorporates Tamarack dry RFID inlay insertion equipment. Both are available in 10", 13" and 17" web widths, and both can be configured for label or ticket production.

Westcott says that the machine can produce far more than RFID-enabled labels. “The ability to incorporate multiple unwinds and rewinds, and inline diecutting mean that a whole variety of products can be produced. Complex multi-layer constructions that may have previously taken three or four passes at low speeds (with the associated tolerance build up) can be produced on the Lambda in one pass, at high speed and with exceptional accuracy.

Edale is located in Romsey, Hampshire, England.