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Rotoworx spins off as separate converting equipment firm

April 29, 2008

Rotoworx systems has separated from its former parent company to establish itself as a distinct provider of modular converting equipment.

Rotoworx Systems Inc., a manufacturer of converting equipment, has been spun off from its former parent company, PAT Technology Systems. Both firms are based in Montreal, ON, Canada. President of the company is Sylvain Lafreniere; Andre Beaudoin is the national sales manager.

Rotoworx is a manufacturer of modular converting equipment – semi-rotary re-registration diecutting, RFID diecutters, diecutters for the expanded content label market, and more.

“We are providing narrow web label converters with cutting edge, lean technology in semi-rotary re-registration diecutting and converting at an extremely competitive price mark,” says Beaudoin. “Rotoworx equipment is totally modular: If you acquire the machine to perform one function and you wish to add functions later, you can buy and install additional modules necessary to perform other tasks. Your original investment never goes away; it is enhanced.”

Beaudoin adds that each Rotoworx machine contains a patented tensioning system called Isotension. “Isotension is incorporated into every module, so that tension is either tweaked or maintained as a constant throughout the entire run. It gives the operator total control over tension, without inhibiting performance,” he says. The equipment also incudes remote diagnostics, allowing the manufacturer to examine and operate the machine without a service call.

Rotoworx has a US sales office in New Milford, CT. For more information, contact Andre Beaudoin at 860-355-2010 or