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GIDUE expands into Balkan region with six press sales

August 5, 2008

The Italian press manufacturer works with Simark, its Slovenian distributor, to penetrate the region.

GIDUE, a manufacturer of label and packaging presses headquartered in Turate, Italy, says that its distributor in Europe’s Balkan region, Simark, has resulted in the installation of two new presses and the pending installation of four more.

According to Matjaz Mramor, managing director of Simark, which is based in Slovenia, the installed presses are a six-color F-Combat 280 at Fleksotisk Logar, and a seven-color E-Combat 370 at Sorex, both also in Slovenia. Fleksotisk Logar prints self-adhesive labels and blister packs for the pharmaceutical sector; Sorex also prints self-adhesive labels, as well as shrink sleeves and wraparound labels.

Four additional machines are currently being installed, says Mramor: a Quadra 370 for Fleksotisk Logar; an S-Combat 370 for Kiro Dandaro, of Macedonia; an eight-color I-Combat 430 for Tenovis, of Slovenia; and an eight-color S-Combat 370 for Radece Papir, Slovenia.

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