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DuPont announces Cyrel surcharges and price increases

August 19, 2008

Energy related costs are cited in the rise of flexo plates, inks and substrate prices.

DuPont Packaging Graphics, Wilmington, DE, USA, has announced that it will implement surcharges and price increases of up to 10 percent globally, effective Sept. 15. Specific terms will be addressed regionally. Flexographic printing plates, inks, substrates and other raw materials continue to be subject to significant cost increases due to the rising price of oil based feedstocks, energy, freight costs, as well as the recent tight supply of thermoplastic elastomers – a key raw material in the manufacture of flexographic printing plates.
“DuPont Packaging Graphics continues to aggressively pursue manufacturing productivity improvements and cost reductions to offset these increases, and we will work with our customers during these unprecedented times as these cost increases move through the value chain,” says Lisa DiGate, global business director – DuPont Packaging Graphics. “However, we must pass along some of these sustained cost increases while we continue to develop new products that position our customers for success.”
Despite the rising costs, DuPont says it continues to invest in innovation to ensure that customers maintain their competitive advantage in a challenging global marketplace as demonstrated by the technologies unveiled at Drupa earlier this year. “We believe continued focus on innovation ultimately helps our customers to maintain their added value through increased quality and productivity in an environment where costs for substrates, inks and other key raw materials are on the rise,” DiGate says.

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