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McCourt Label awarded ISO 14001 environmental certification

September 2, 2008

The company has committed itself to “excellence and leadership in protecting the environment.”

McCourt Label, Lewis Run, PA, USA, has achieved ISO 14001 accreditation, illustrating its current and future commitment to minimizing environmental impact. The ISO 14001 international standard provides both a model for streamlining environmental management, and guidelines to ensure that environmental issues  are considered within decision-making practices.
According to Bert Clark, McCourt’s environmental management representative and operations manager, “All McCourt employees did a great job during the environmental audit. They performed flawlessly – no major findings, no minor findings, and no improvement opportunities. McCourt Label is leading the way, having become one of the first label manufacturing companies in the United States to achieve the ISO 14001 accreditation.”
McCourt Label attained the accreditation after a series of audits by NSF. The site will be assessed annually to ensure continual development of the environmental management system currently in place. The company’s environmental policy, which serves as the foundation of the management system, says:
“McCourt Label Company recognizes and accepts its responsibility for the environment as an integral part of its services and operations. McCourt is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment and will strive to achieve this objective through an effective environmental management system.”
In one of its first major initiatives, McCourt reduced the exposure of solid waste on the environment by moving its dumpsters to a new enclosed building. “This project reduces the chance of an environmental impact from groundwater runoff from the dumpsters,” says Clark. “This substantial investment in the property also allows for increased storage and control of hazardous materials.” Funding for the project was obtained through a loan from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Additionally, the company determined that electric consumption is one of its significant environmental aspects due to the contributory impact on increased carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plant emissions. An aggressive target was set to reduce electric consumption from lighting in the plant and offices by 20 percent. This target was met and exceeded during 2007.
McCourt President Dave Ferguson says, “We are proud to be one of a few companies in the US label industry to hold this accreditation, and minimizing our impact on the environment  will continue to be a focus as the company grows.”

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