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Avery Dennison features 'decoration transfer' as key strategy for market growth

September 9, 2008

Decoration transfer is just one of several initiatives the company is showcasing.

The Fasson Roll North America division of Avery Dennison is showcasing its decoration transfer program for the food, beverage, home and personal care markets. The program features new Fasson products that enable brand owners to transition from cut and stack glue applied labels to pressure sensitive technology. Laura Clark, food and beverage marketing director, was on hand to discuss how the process enables product differentiation and can increase shelf appeal. Clark discussed how “clear on clear” labels can communicate a message of freshness and sustainability to customers and end users.

In addition to the decoration transfer program, Jon Maley, VP of marketing,  talked about a handful of themes Fasson is featuring. The themes he discussed include innovation, productivity, partnerships, and sustainability. Maley said that focusing on these topics lead to Fasson’s overall commitment to the growth of the label market.

Maley said the company’s sustainability initiative include a host of new products, services, certifications, and educational programs. He said that Fasson is particularly proud of its commitment to maintaining working partnerships with its customers in creating custom designed applications using its Exact Width and Ready Width programs.