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Codimag brings VIVA 420 Aniflo to North America

September 9, 2008

The waterless offset press features keyless anilox technology for the narrow web market.

Introduced last year in Europe, Codimag’s VIVA 420 Aniflo press is a pioneering effort by the French manufacturer, bringing keyless anilox offset technology to the narrow web arena.

According to Marketing Director Pierre Panel, “Codimag implemented keyless anilox offset on its VIVA 420 range of presses to address label printers’ expectations. Printing offset quality without the concerns of adjusting ink/water balance, roller pressures and maintenance; becomes a real opportunity in the label industry.” The Aniflo technology eliminates the long ink train and replaces it with four cylinders, including an anilox sleeve, to get the ink to the web. The ink is transferred to a form roller (rubber blanket) and then onto the imaged area of the plate. As this is offset technology, the ink is transferred to the web from the blanket.

“Label printers are increasingly interested in offset for two reasons: quality and cost,” said Panel. “Offset is the most common technology in the graphic industry. Prepress is available everywhere. Printers are trained. You do not have to rely on complicated color separations to get good print results. The cost of plates is very low, and mounting is very simple and accurate.”
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