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Evonik highlights its recyclable release liners

September 9, 2008

The company will also participate in the Gather on the Green showcase displaying the many unique qualities of their highly green and sustainable technology for their UV–curable release liners.

Evonik Goldschmidt introduced the environmental-friendly qualities of its UV curable silicones, highlighting their energy savings benefits and the recyclability of filmic release liner into molded parts.

Evonik  also highlighted two of its UV curable silicone release systems, the TEGO RC Silicone Acrylates and TEGO RC Epoxy Silicones. The two technologies are cold curing, energy efficient and solvent-free.

"A distinct advantage of TEGO RC Silicones is a change in the substrate (liner) from paper (glassine or SCK, that is currently thrown away) to film bi-oriented poly propylene (BOPP). The UV silicones can be applied to very thin recyclable films due to their cold curing technology. Currently paper is the preferred substrate in the label market," said Eduardo Gonzalez, Evonik’s Market Manager, Release Coatings Americas, “So we are replacing siliconized paper with film and UV silicones,” he said.

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