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3M introduces label materials for 'bubble-free' applications

September 10, 2008

The new materials combine performance and durability.

3M is featuring several new products at Labelexpo including its 3M Performance Label Materials with Structured Adhesive and its 3M Blood Bag Tracking Label Materials.

The new 3M label materials feature microchannels throughout the adhesive so air flows freely from between the label adhesive and substrate, eliminating bubbles caused by entrapment or outgassing.

Joe Petri, 3M senior product marketer, commented: "Our new label materials combine bubble-free application with industry-leading durability. This kind of performance can mean increased profits for converters because it builds confidence and loyalty among their OEM customers."

3M's new secondary and DIN blood bag tracking label materials are extremely durable and moisture resistant, said Bill Mezzano, 3M market development manager.

"We believe it is our duty to develop outstanding materials that meet the rigorous requirements of the blood bag labeling industry," said Mezzano. "We offer the assurance to our customers that these materials meet American Red Cross criteria and will perform under challenging environments into which they are placed.