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Dow Corning promotes advantages of its silicone release coatings

September 10, 2008

The company's line of coatings allow for a high performance, cost-effective product line.

Dow Corning is featuring its Syl-Off Advantage Series silicone release coatings. The Syl-Off product line was initially launched in the 1970s and the Advantage Series was launched in 2004.

"The Syl-Off Advantage Series significantly reduces costs," said Norm Kanar, global release segment leader. Kanar said that the product has great success throughout the world, with 30 percent of sales coming in the Asian region and approximately 30 percent in North America.

Kanar said that some of the products advantages include robust curing at very low speeds, high line speeds without misting, low cure temperature, better coverage, bath life, anchorage, and release stability. 

In addition, the Syl-Off Advantage Series works with a wide variety of substrates including polyethylene-coated kraft (PEK) substrates.