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EskoArtwork moves digital plate curing inside the imager

September 10, 2008

UV application now takes place immediately after laser imaging, eliminating the need for a separate curing step.

The Cyrel Digital Imager 2530, a popular device for digital imaging of flexo plates up to 25” x 30”, has received a major modification from EskoArtwork, which partnered 10 years ago with DuPont to create the laser ablation device in the pursuit of digitally produced flexo plates.

At Labelexpo, EskoArtwork displays the latest version, which eliminates the UV plate exposure step that falls between imaging and plate production via the DuPont FAST dry thermal plate processor. Now, the UV curing process takes place inside the imager itself, occurring immediately after the laser ablation of the image on the plate.

The first public showing of the version 4 of the Esko Software Suite 7 highlights the interoperability between all of EskoArtwork’s workflow components. Within a year after the merger between Artwork Systems and Esko, file exchange has been made seamless between editor and workflow platforms. “Visitors will see EskoArtwork's ability to cross-integrate its various workflow lines,” commented Carsten Knudsen, president and CEO of EskoArtwork. "Working with cross-departmental system links and collaborating between project stakeholders will be illustrated through live demonstrations – all great new opportunities for increased added value."
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