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Flint Group Narrow Web announces label competition winners

September 10, 2008

Labels were printed using a variety of the company’s inks and coatings.

Flint Group Narrow Web, manufacturers of inks for a variety of printing processes, announced the winners of its annual label competition at Labelexpo. The competition features 11 categories, representing various types of printing processes and end uses.

Categories and winners this year are:

Cold Foil – Consolidated Label, Florida
Water Based HydroSOY– Label Works, Minnesota
Water Based Film, Hydrofilm – Axiom Label Group, California
Water Based Film,  Hydrofilm  – Center Fix Etiquetas Adesivas, Brazil (highly recommended)
Water Based Paper Ink, Hydroket Prime – McDowell Label & Screen Printing, Texas
UV Flexo, Flexocure E – Winsom Press Pvt., Singapore
Combination Flexocure E, Flexocure Ivory, Screen Varnish, Flexo Varnish, Foil Stamp – MPI Label, Texas
Combination Flexocure E, UV Varnish, Foil Stamp – Brasilcolor Industria Grafica, Brasil (highly recommended)
In-mold, Flexocure E – Pacman, Dubai
Shrink Flexocure XS – Smyth, Minnesota
Security, Water Based Flexo, Security and Invisible Blue Ink – Automagão Ind. Com de Rótulos, Brasil
Coupon/Promotion, Flexocure E – Smyth, Minnesota
School, Flexocure E and Cold Foil – Senai Theobaldo de Nigris Technical School, Brasil
School, Flexocure E – Dunwoody, Minnesota

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