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Spartanics and Systec display screen print, laser diecutting

September 10, 2008

The Finecut laser cutting machine makes accurate cuts at speeds up to 350 feet per minute.

Spartanics revealed its Finecut High Speed Laser Cutting Machine at Labelexpo this week, a laser diecutter that cut rectangular labels at 90 meters per minute (354 fpm). Spartanics partner, Systec, announced the release of a cylinder configured flat screen printing system featuring elextronic control technology.

“Spartanics’ software engineers have taken laser cutting technology to the next level and made the Finecut, which allows faster production throughputs – up to 90 meters per minute with no quality issues or other glitches,” says Tom O’Hara, president of Spartanics. “This promises to make laser cutting technlogy workable for a much wider range of applications.”

The Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Cylinder Screen Printing Lines are able to handle any preprinted material from any printing process, and feature automatic compensation for screen stretch or shrink. The press can handle substrates as thin as 12 microns. The rapid electronic controls replace manual adjustments and store up to 2,500 job parameters for setting up repeat jobs quickly.
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