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Thermal printer inspection system debuts at Label Vision Systems

September 11, 2008

The LVS 7500 is capable of 100 percent inspection with ISO verification of bar and matrix codes.

The LVS 7500 inline print quality inspection system from Label Vision Systems is designed for thermal and thermal transfer printers. The system allows for 100 percent inspection of labels with the ability to perform ISO verification inspection of bar codes and 2D matrix codes in any logical orientation and multiple codes.

The system checks for number sequence integrity and for duplicates as the label is printing. The operator can know immediately the quality of the codes and data to reduce printing errors. Future enhancements include print defect detection such as missing, broken and filled-in text or graphics.

Also introduced by Label Vision Systems is LVS RIMS, or Roll Inspection Mapping System, a compliment to the high speed inline LVS 7000 inspection system. RIMS takes the label roll from the 7000 and positions the electronically flagged defects at the inspection table for operator action.

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