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Unilux showcases 'green' LED strobe

September 11, 2008

The new Unilux Pocket Pixel is featured at 'Gather on the Green.'

Unilux is featuring its new Pocket Pixel. This new LED inspection light has zero ozone emissions, is battery powered, and can be used as a handheld unit or can be permanently mounted.

"This is the brightest and most versatile strobe on the market and a beacon in green technology and sustainability," said Michael Simonis, president, Unilux. "The Pocket Pixel does not emit ozone, which is a big health and safety benefit, and you never have to replace another lamp because its highly efficient lamps have such a long service life."

The Pocket Pixel uses its reflector design to focus 30 percent brighter light on narrow web label presses and other printing and converting equipment for inspection applications at full speeds where space is tight. According to Unilux, LED strobe lights can be more effective than Xenon strobes in applications where high flash rates are needed or longer pulse durations are acceptable.

The product is also featured at Labelexpo's "Gather on the Green," the event's showcase for the latest in sustainable technology.


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