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GIDUE introduces REAL hot stamping unit

December 16, 2008

The new unit is constructed to run at up to 262 feet per minute.

GIDUE, a press manufacturer based in Turate, Italy, has unveiled a new hot stamping unit which it calls REAL: Robustness, Ease of use, Automated controls, and Lean guiding principles.

The unit features steel frames 25mm (6.3”) thick, and solid parts that can resist pressures up to 100N/mm. This allows the unit to reach the average speed of 80 meters per minute (262 fpm) and to print with higher pressure in order to obtain top print quality on difficult substrates, such as natural or textured papers or wine label papers.

The front opening and the temperature quick drop down is designed for a fast and simple sleeve changeover and reduced setup times. The hot stamping unit is mounted on guides for ease of extraction in case of format replacement or cleaning. The main frame is easily opened allowing for rapid sleeve changes. Waste is lowered and the possibility of dangerous contact with the hands of the operator is avoided.

The REAL unit comes with automatic temperature and pressure controls and with multi-camera intelligent register for quick longitudinal and transversal register control. It features automatic recall of recipes, job data storage, and register settings memory. Also, all controls can be managed through a touch-screen panel.