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Spartanics publishes laser cutting guide

December 16, 2008

The guide aims to help converters select components and features they need in laser cutting technologies.

Label converters seeking guidance on how to best configure laser cutting technology for their specific application requirements now have access to a comprehensive guide compiled by Spartanics called Laser Cutting Technical Guide: How to Match Today’s Laser Cutting Technology to Application Requirements – Parts I and II.

Spartanics, which manufactures both lower-cost systems and high-end laser cutters, created the guide to help label converters select the types of components and features they need in laser cutting technologies. Chapter titles include: Choosing Between Laser Cutting vs. Tool-based Diecutting Systems; Quality and the Soft Marking Standard; Cutting Speed vs. Web Speed; Fallacy of the Double Scan Head Advantage; Systems Integration, User-Friendliness and Production Output; Selecting System Components; and Suggested Method for Sourcing Laser Cutting Technology.

Markus Klemm, Spartanics R&D software engineer and author of the guide  comments, “When Spartanics first introduced its laser cutting technology to label converters, most people in the industry were newcomers to laser cutting and first had to grapple with understanding the differences between tool-free and tool-based cutting. Now, the basic advantages of laser cutting seem to be better understood in the industry and the point of address is more focused on understanding the differences between various laser cutting models, system component options, and how to differentiate obsolete systems from current technology in this rapidly changing field. This Laser Cutting Technical Guide is designed to help prospective users of laser cutting technology zero in on the laser cutter features that are best-matched to their applications and give many tips on what to look for and what to avoid.”

Copies of the guide are available by writing to