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Sani-Blast signs Serviflex Arco as a distributor

January 6, 2009

The distributor will serve all markets in South and Central America.

Sani-Blast LLC has finalized a distributor agreement with Serviflex Arco International Ltda. of Bogota, Colombia, as exclusive distributor in the South American and Central American markets. Serviflex Arco will distribute Sani-Blast automated on- and off-press anilox roll cleaning systems to Latin America. Serviflex Arco will also offer a roll and sleeve cleaning service as well as various flexographic supplies to printers in the region.

“Serviflex Arco will be a valuable partner for Sani-Blast in this growing market. The people of Serviflex Arco are flexo industry veterans and have a reputation for high integrity,” says Peter Mulheran, CEO of Sani-Blast.

Sani-Blast’s roll cleaning systems utilize a baking soda blasting method, which the company says eliminates the potential of roll damage and the inconsistent cleaning associated with manual methods. Baking soda is also an environmentally neutral product.