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Gintzler Graphics installs two Sensotec register systems

February 17, 2009

Makeready time is reduced after installation on two Gallus presses.

Gintzler Graphics, a label converter based in Buffalo, NY, USA, has acquired two Sensotec Automatic Registration systems, which were installed by Innovative Printing Technologies (IPT), the North American Agent for Sensotec. The units were installed on Gallus EM 280 presses.

“After working with the Sensotec system on our newest 10-color Gallus EM 280 press for just a few weeks, I realized that the real benefit of this system was in reducing makeready time and material, not just holding running register, which was already quite good,” says Franklin Nice, president of Gintzler Graphics. “Given that we are a short-to-medium run shop, printing mostly multicolor and combination work, it is the makeready savings that will pay for the unit, and quite quickly at that. The retrofit went very smoothly, with most of the installation being done over the weekend, resulting in little loss of production time.”

Peter Kuschnitzky, president of IPT, says, “The first test job showed the system’s capabilities, and we could see the enthusiasm generated by the addition of this tool. In these questionable economic times, every company is looking to reduce costs, reduce set-up time, help the environment, and increase productivity. The Sensotec system is the tool that accomplishes all this and more.”