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Flatbed stamping and embossing a first at Label World

April 20, 2009

New Digicon Series 2 adds more digital finishing features and productivity

Label World, of Rochester, NY, USA, has acquired the first Omega Digicon Series 2 converting line equipped with flatbed tooling for stamping and embossing. The new Digicon, manufactured by AB Graphic International, will enable Label World to offer its customers in the wine, nutritional and health and beauty markets such features as hot foil stamping, embossing and spot UV varnish coatings.

The Omega Digicon Series 2 is a modular label converting line for digitally printed webs and offers all the traditional finishing options. The company has recently introduced several new finishing modules that expand the range of applications available including the flatbed tooling option.

“We are especially excited to have the first Digicon Series 2 machine in North America with flatbed tooling for stamping and embossing,” says John McDermott, President and CEO of Label World, which produces labels using flexographic and digital presses. “Most other machines in the marketplace have rotary tooling. Flatbed tooling actually allows for better stamping and embossing quality because it is able to hold the substrate in a fixed position compared to rotary tooling in which the substrate is continuously in motion. Equally important, the cost of flatbed tooling is a fraction of the cost of rotary tooling, thus opening the opportunity of these premium features to a wider variety of potential customers.”

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