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INX Digital develops product for UV curable ink print head cleaning

June 15, 2009

The new process can restore complete flow in a clogged print head, the company says.

INX Digital International Co. has announced the global availability of its UV HeadCure print head cleaning service. Employing a patent-pending technology, it has shown to provide 100 percent recovery of UV print heads with obstructed nozzles and restricted flow, according to the company.

“This is a major advance in print head cleaning that can pay huge dividends for digital print operations everywhere,” says Peter Padan, the INX Digital Technical Services supervisor who developed the new process. Padan says that solvent ink-related environmental issues along with the flexibility of UV and UV print quality have all contributed to a rapid increase in digital UV print applications. However, “the growing use of UV curable ink requires a new approach in print head maintenance.”

Shops spend time and thousands of dollars on print head maintenance, yet print head nozzles and delivery passages become clogged with UV ink and current print head cleaning and flushing options typically achieve 50 percent effectiveness, at best.Following traditional solvent-ink maintenance routines or using incompatible cleaners can make matters worse.

“Our Print Head Cleaning Program has been in place for years, serving primarily solvent-ink customers,” Padan adds. “Achieving and perfecting this breakthrough in UV print head cleaning technology enables us to offer a vital service with huge financial advantages for digital printing operations. It’s a service not available anywhere else.”

INX Digital International, based in San Leandro, CA, USA, is the digital arm of INX International Ink Co.