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Sun Chemical and DIC form SunJet for global inkjet business

July 6, 2009

The new division will unify the product range for graphics and industrial inkjet applications.

Sun Chemical, the world’s leading producer of inks and pigments, and its parent company, DIC Corporation, have announced the creation of a single global structure for the inkjet market under the name SunJet.

The new structure will offer a unified product range for graphics and industrial inkjet applications, and the SunJet division will have access to both organizations’ technical expertise in pigments, dispersions, polymers and formulation chemistry. SunJet also will have a global sales and support organization.

“Operating as one unit will enable us to offer our customers the full spectrum of inkjet technology through one organization and reinforce our commitment to quality, service and innovation, while maximizing support for global projects that require technology from one region and the supply and service of products in another,” says John Law, managing director of the SunJet division. “This global approach will enable our customers to receive the highest quality products and technical support irrespective of their location in the world and that of their customers.”