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FTA unveils new web video training series

August 10, 2009

TESTcasts give viewers a comprehensive overview of the association’s major educational initiative.

The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) has announced the release of the first installment in a series of Q&A videos, dubbed TESTcasts, focused on its TEST (Technical Education Services Team) program.

Listeners can tune in to FTA’s website to hear Education Director Joe Tuccitto present an overview of the TEST program and describe how it serves as a one-stop shop for all training and professional development needs.

“We are thrilled with the outcome of this first TESTcast,” says Tuccitto. “It provides listeners with an engaging, interactive synopsis of the TEST program and details how TEST’s diverse range of learning methods (i.e. web-based, in-house and off-site training) proves invaluable for practically every aspect of a business.”

The video Q&A, also featured on FTA’s YouTube channel, highlights each aspect of the program, including its Virtual Campus, where users can select from a range of flexo skills certification courses, OHSA/EHS modules, and professional development lessons. The TESTcast further details the alignment of all TEST generated curricula with the specifications outlined in FTA’s newly-released FIRST 4.0 (Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances) book, which identifies how to achieve run-to-run print consistency and predictable color matches.

In addition to the Virtual Campus, listeners will also learn about the customized on-site training and advisement available through TEST, as well as glean information about the regional workshops and co-sponsored seminars taking place throughout 2009.

Future TESTcasts will be unveiled over the coming months. Each will focus on a major portion of FTA’s TEST program. The next will spotlight FTA’s “FIRST 4.0 On the Go!” regional workshops, which resume their fall schedule in late September. Workshops are scheduled for September 24 in Cincinnati, OH, USA, and September 30 in Rochester, NY, USA.