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Avery Dennison Fasson focuses on PS applications in Europe and Middle East

September 23, 2009

Fasson’s Europe chief sees end users wanting different container shapes that use different materials.

“For the first time, we are focusing on becoming specialists in decoration transfer, paying more attention to market segments.” This is the perspective of Angelo Depietri, VP and GM of Avery Dennison Fasson Roll Label Europe, speaking today at Labelexpo in Brussels. Converters throughout EMEA, and especially in Eastern Europe, have suffered in the economic crisis, but Depietri sees renewed growth from Fasson’s attention to product applications, rather than just substrate types.

“We are working with experts from a wide variety of market segments, people who have expertise in the supply chains,” he said. “We want to enable new applications of pressure sensitive technologies in beverage, stamps, durable products – which has been pretty tough but seems to be improving. All of the recovery today is coming from new applications.”

Depietri has watched the flat PS markets of Western Europe bear the economic decline of the past year or two, “but during the crisis we saw the young economies of Eastern Europe suffer more. These were countries that had grown up to 18 percent a year not too long ago, and this year we have seen 20 percent declines.”

Governments, he added, have been “giving strong messages to banks to improve their lending practices. Many banks are showing good numbers, yet the industry doesn’t feel the support yet.”

Fasson still views Eastern Europe and Russia as those who will show faster growth once the economy improves.