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Nilpeter unveils hologram printing technology

September 24, 2009

The third generation of the company’s digital inkjet printing unit was installed on a flexo press.

Press manufacturer Nilpeter took the wraps off of a technology that it has been working on for the past few years with the Danish Technical University – a method of printing holograms, called HoloPrint.

The system employs a glass cylinder that holds a special polymer plate containing the hologram. As the cylinder rotates, the hologram is impressed into a wet varnish on a substrate. When the varnish is cured, the hologram image becomes part of the substrate, at a resolution of 50,000 dpi.

Nilpeter displayed the third generation of its Caslon digital inkjet system, featuring proprietary inks, installed into a flexographic press. Jakob Landberg, VP of sales and marketing, explained that the company considers the digital press as a value added system. “We are more into combination printing than just digital alone,” he said.

Also on display was the latest version of the US-built FB flexo press, now a shaftless press with direct servo drives, offering advantages in register and setup time.