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Bunting launches new flexible die coatings

September 25, 2009

The Diamond brand coating line is ideal for diecutting thermal transfer labelstock.

Bunting Magnetics Co. has launched two new coatings to be used with its flexible die products. The coatings, Diamond and Black Diamond, increase the hardness of the flexible dies to a level not measured by the Rockwell Scale for Hardness, the company says.

“These coatings allow our flexible dies to run four times longer than ordinary dies,” said Mike Wilks, Bunting’s general manager, Flexible Die Division. “Also, this new coating process makes our dies highly resistant to cracking and chipping which helps quadruple the life of the die. This expanded product offering allows Bunting to offer our customers the best combination of magnetic printing cylinders and flexible dies available.”

The Diamond branded coating is ideal for diecutting thermal transfer labelstock. It makes the dies very resistant to corrosion. The Black Diamond coating is reduces die lifting. It increases the performance for small, tight corner diecutting applications including diecutting stamps. The Black Diamond coating creates lower friction, thus allowing a flexible die to be used with aggressive adhesives without gumming up the dies.

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