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HarperScientific introduces portable proofing system

September 25, 2009

The Phantom QD is utility-free and comes with its own pressure loading system.

HarperScientific, the printing and coating supplies division of anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America, has introduced a fully portable proofing system, the Phantom QD Quick Drawdown Proofing System. The system is on display at the Harper booth at Labelexpo.

"It's an extremely exciting and practical new product," said Jim Harper, VP of HarperScientific. "The Phantom QD is more than just another hand proofer, it comes with its own pressure loading system. The Phantom QD is simple to use, utility-free and no compressed air or electricity is needed, so it's not locked in the ink-room. It can be used anywhere you need to draw down an ink proof."

In addition to its magnetic-loaded doctor blade and quick-change anilox and rubber rollers, the Phantom QD was designed to allow Anilox and rubber rollers to be interchangeable with both the Echocel Junior and Phantom hand proofers. It draws down reliably consistent proofs time after time because of its loading system with constant pressure over the entire stroke length, the company says.