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New LED inspection strobe lights up the Unilux booth

September 25, 2009

The LED lamp is available as a handheld unit or as a variable-width press-mounted system.

Unilux brought its new LED powered inspection strobe lamp system to Labelexpo Europe expecting that it would attract healthy interest among attendees. Instead, the company reports that the interest level is 200 percent higher than its expectations.

The company’s traditional product line uses xenon lamps for the mounted or handheld strobe systems. The new LED system, the light from which is slightly softer than that from xenon, uses about half of the energy in the mounted version and slightly more in the handheld version, according to Volker Schlevoigt, marketing director EMEA. He added, however, that the battery in the handheld version will last 40 percent longer than the handheld unit with the xenon bulbs. In addition, the lifetime of an LED is 100,000 hours, whereas a xenon bulb under normal use is usually replaced once or twice a year.

Unilux has created a system whereby a mounted strobe of widely variable width can be created for any web press, wide or narrow. Each LED module contains 12 LEDs (two rows of six). The lamps can be custom designed by stacking the modules two high and a variable number of modules wide.

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