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Rotocontrol’s finishing system runs customer labels live at Labelexpo

September 25, 2009

Speedy delivery to a customer was enhanced by converting on the show floor.

When Rotocontrol sold an RSD 430 dual diecutting slitter rewinder with an automatic turret rewinder to Limo Labels of Denmark, the manufacturer asked if they could display the machine at Labelexpo Europe. The customer said yes, but on the condition that Rotocontrol run a real label job at the show because the customer needed the labels.

The Rotocontrol RSD series of diecutting/slitter rewinders is designed for fast, accurate diecutting, slitting and rewinding of all types of labels. The fully automatic turret is offered as an accessory to the RSD and RSI line of slitter/rewinder and diecutting machines. Features include glueless core attach with shaft loading and unloading options ensuring the highest production speeds and efficiency.

Jens H. Mortensen, chairman of the board of Limo Labels commented, “Although we urgently needed our RSD diecutting machine, we also wanted to help Rotocontrol exhibit the technology. Running our rush job at Labelexpo was a good solution.”

“Jens is an ideal customer,” said Marco Aengenvoort, Rotocontrol’s managing director. “He even sent his own operators to run their material on the machine for us.”

Limo Labels has more than 20 printing machines at their four production sites in Denmark and France dedicated to the production of labels, tickets and tags on rolls, folded and sheets in up to 10 colors plus hot stamp.

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